Mary Bickford

Mary Bickford

One of the obscure yet precious artists who works half unknown, but one who offers a vision intimate and honest, without pretense and subservience to false hype and blithering fashion or sap for bloated style, Mary Bickford is to be appreciated in earnest.

Mary Bickford is one of those rare artists who is unassuming in regard to herself. When one views her paintings, one cannot but catch ones breath and instantly want one to keep as close as possible. Good painting brings order and not chaos to the lives of a hectic world. Everything changes so rapidly these days, but Mary captures the old with the new and she does it with all her heart.

Below are some new paintings done in 2012 on a trip to France.
Afternoon Lavender Field 2012
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Field Up The Hill From Selvoli 2012 11X14
It was a hot early morning and I escaped the group and climbed up a steep stony path behind the villa. A row of trees caught my eye against the yellow sky and rolling hills behind and the wheat field in front. 

Grignan, France  2012 9X12

Catherine and Jane and I ended up on the road into Grignan. There was a painting class from Belgium that had set up nearby with large canvases. One instructor was very interested in my sketch book and he shared it with the class. I sketched and painted this one in less than 2 hours. I'd love to paint there again early in the morning and late at night.